• What is a hybrid electric bicycle?

    Consumers understand that hybrid cars use electric motors and batteries to complement, not replace, traditional engines. This concept translates naturally to our bicycles which also use electric motors and batteries to complement pedaling. Unlike other motorized bikes or scooters which may have a throttle feature, Tempo hybrid electric bicycles are pedal assist only, also known as pedelec. We think it's important to differentiate between our hybrid bicycles and 100% electric powered vehicles such as e-scooters and throttle-operated e-bikes.

  • What is pedal assist?

    Pedal assist is the percentage of power that the motor puts out to help you pedal. Tempo hybrid electric bicycles have 10 levels of assist, allowing you to dial-in the exact amount of additional power desired with the press of a button. Since a Tempo hybrid bicycle provides assist only when you pedal, it's just like riding a traditional bicycle; the only difference being that you can go farther and faster with the same amount of energy.

  • How fast can I go on a Tempo hybrid electric bicycle?

    There's no speed limiter on the bike, but electric assistance stops once you reach 20 miles per hour (mph). Most states classify a motor driven bicycle that is faster than 20 mph as a moped or motorcycle, which requires special registration and licensing.

  • What's the range of the battery?

    Depending on the terrain, you can expect to go 30 - 40 miles (or 90 minutes of riding time) on a full charge.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours for a full charge.

  • What is the life of the battery?

    Under normal conditions the battery will last about 500 full charge-discharge cycles, which for most people will be 2-3 years of daily use.

  • What's the cost of a replacement battery?

    MSRP $500

  • How much does a Tempo hybrid electric bicycle cost?

    MSRP for the Carmel and Santa Barbara is $4,495.
    MSRP for the La Jolla is $5,995.

  • How long is the standard warranty?

    Tempo bicycles are warranted for 2 years from the time of purchase.

  • Where are Tempo hybrid electric bicycles made?

    It's truly a world bike. The motor is designed in Austria, and manufactured in Asia. Saddles, handlebars, grips and other accessories are from Germany. The belt drive is made in the United States. The CVT automatic transmission is designed in the US and manufactured in Asia and Europe. The batteries are from the same Japanese manufacturer that produces the Tesla batteries. The frames are manufactured in Asia. Final assembly takes place in Fremont and San Jose, CA.

  • Where can I purchase a Tempo hybrid electric bicycle?

    Our hybrid electric bicycles are exclusively available through a network of authorized independent bicycle dealers(IBDs). We place a high importance on rider safety in the design of our hybrid bikes, and the dealer's knowledge plays a significant role in ensuring that you get the best riding experience from your Tempo hybrid electric bicycle. Our community of authorized Tempo dealers - have special skills and expertise to help maintain your Tempo hybrid electric bicycle in optimum operating condition.

  • What makes your Tempo hybrid electric bicycle different from other traditional bikes or other electric bikes?

    Tempo hybrid electric bicycles offer uncompromised quality and style. Our bicycles are designed and built to be a primary transportation option, which means they must be practical, reliable and stylish. Practical, so you can ride them whenever and wherever, wearing regular, everyday apparel. Reliable, since ridersbecause you depend on them every day. Stylish, because we believe your bike should complement your lifestyle. Looking good on your bike is just as important as feeling good - that's the Tempo Way.

    Our hybrid electric bicycles integrate the latest innovations to enable the best riding experience.

    • Pedal Power: The heart of a Tempo hybrid electric bicycles is a powerful and reliable 250W (500W peak) electric assist motor designed in Austria and constructed of the highest quality materials for long lasting durability. Sophisticated software controls incorporate sensors for pedaling torque, pedaling cadence and bike speed -- giving you the smoothest, most comfortable bike experience on any road, in any condition.
    • Auto-shifting: Tempo hybrid electric bicycles use an advanced technology called continuously variable transmission (CVT) which monitors both your pedaling and bike speed, then automatically shifts to maintain your ideal tempo as conditions change.
    • Carbon Belt Drive: More durable and lasts longer than traditional metal chains, carbon belts provide a smoother and quieter riding experience. No more greasy pant legs.

  • What are the three buttons on the handlebar for?

    This enables you to control the auto-shifting or cadence modes, also known as pedaling speed. There are three modes: Eco, Sport and Turbo. Eco mode provides low pedaling speed for a slow, easy ride. Sport mode offers moderate pedaling speed to give you a little workout with minimal effort. Turbo mode gives you a fast pedaling speed for a full workout.

  • Do I need a driver's license for a hybrid bike?

    Most states classify hybrid bikes as bicycles, so no driver's license is required. However, it's best to check your local laws to be certain.

  • Am I required to wear a helmet when riding a hybrid bike?

    Most states classify hybrid bikes as bicycles. Often minor riders are required to wear helmets, but typically adults are given the option to ride with or without helmets. However, it's best to check your local laws to be certain.

  • Can I ride a hybrid electric bicycle on bike paths?

    Hybrid bikes generally have the same access to trails as other bicycles. Some especially crowded trail systems have limited access for hybrid bikes during peak hours or require that hybrid bikes be ridden without electrical assistance in high traffic areas.

  • What features are available with La Jolla's smartphone integration?

    La Jolla's app for Android and Apple smartphones communicates with the bike to provide useful features and information. It lets you control the level of assistance and desired pedaling cadence. It also provides feedback about speed and distance covered. In addition, it works with an optional camera to provide a rear view camera with recording feature. Future versions of the app will integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social media to let your friends know how far you rode and encourage them to ride too.

  • What maintenance is required?

    Before each ride, it's is advisable to check tires for proper inflation, check that brakes are working properly and there are no broken, chipped or sharp edges that could cause injury. You should also inspect your brakes. Brakes should be adjusted by an authorized Tempo dealer every 2,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is first.