Let's go farther.

When two wheels is all you need.

Tempo brings the latest innovations in electric assisted bicycle technology and European design to America.

Designed with the needs of commuters in mind, Tempo's pedal assist technology allows you to travel farther and faster than conventional bikes while still providing health benefits of cycling. Our zero-emission battery power also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. With uncompromised quality and style, Tempo hybrid electric bicycles enable riders of all levels to enjoy a higher quality of life while helping to reduce traffic congestion. Doing good and feeling good couldn't get any easier.

2016 Carmel

Route selection, fatigue, winds: electric assistance makes these barriers to riding much less daunting. The Carmel uses a 36 volt motor to help you pedal up more hills, ride longer on paths, and enjoy more time out on your bike. Equipped with disc brakes and smooth-rolling tires, it's ready for hassle-free adventures.
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Santa Barbara
2016 Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara is an easy to use, hybrid electric bicycle with surprising power that'll make you want to go forever. You get the latest battery technology, and all the electronic bells and whistles. The motor monitors your pedaling power and speed, then automatically delivers some extra power when you need it.
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La Jolla
2016 La Jolla

Urban work horse. Well suited on city streets and local Rails to Trails. When looking for a bike that yearns for some trail time as much as it does being abused by potholes, you've found the Tempo La Jolla. Turn the city into your own personal playground.
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Electric Assist Motor
Pedal Power

The heart of a Tempo hybrid electric bicycle is a powerful and reliable 350W electric assist motor designed in Austria and constructed of the highest quality materials for long lasting durability. Sophisticated software controls incorporate sensors for pedaling torque, pedaling cadence and bike speed -- giving you the smoothest, most comfortable bike experience on any road, in any condition. A simple handlebar mounted control provides feedback, including speed and battery levels, and lets you adjust the level of assistance the motor provides. Perfect tempo every time.

Auto Shifting
Auto Shifting

Gone are the days of click and chatter of shifting gears. Instead of individual gears, Tempo hybrid bicycles use an advanced technology called continuously variable transmission (CVT) which monitors how much you're pedaling, senses your bike speed and automatically shifts and adjusts the amount of power to maintain your tempo as conditions change. Riding is as easy as 1-2-3. Select how much you want to pedal and just go. No more worrying about hills or head wind. Tempo gives you a smooth and consistent riding experience every time. Ride at your tempo.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Tempo uses the latest braking technology to give you precise and consistent control so you can safely stop every time. Hydraulic disc brakes have over 50% more stopping power than a typical rim brake and function consistently even in wet conditions.

Internal Rear Hub
Internal Rear Hub

Most bikes use an external multi-gear system to allow cyclists to pedal more comfortably and efficiently in varying conditions. These systems attract dirt, become noisy and require frequent maintenance. Tempo uses a sealed internal rear hub -- making it extremely quiet and practically maintenance-free.

Carbon Drive Belt

If you've bought a bicycle in the past 120 years, chances are it's been powered by a chain. While the trusty bicycle chain has done cyclists well, Tempo set out to not only improve cycling—we wanted to revolutionize it. We wanted to make the everyday cycling experience better, easier and more accessible. By using a carbon belt drive, you get a smoother and quieter ride, without the downsides of the traditional bike chain. It's stronger and requires less maintenance. Best of all, it's grease and oil-free. No more pant marks or fixing dropped chains. Come to think of it, revolutionary might not even do it justice. The future of biking is here.

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Grease Smooth Ride Maintenance Rust Clean by Design Quiet
Grease Smooth Ride Maintenance Rust Clean by Design Quiet
Yes No A Lot Yes No No
Grease Smooth Ride Maintenance Rust Clean by Design Quiet
No Yes A Little No Yes Yes


Standover Top Bar Wheelbase
Standover Top Bar Wheelbase
51 cm 40 cm 81 cm
Standover Top Bar Wheelbase
54 cm 44 cm 85 cm
Standover Top Bar Wheelbase
58 cm 48 cm 90 cm